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Ironman vs dobinson

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PS. My suspension is all Lovells and I am very happy with them also for what its worth. If you have a leaf spring, solid front axle with the shackles mounted in the rear, your shock absorbers should be mounted as far outboard as possible, but with a slight lean to the rear (About 1 to 2 degrees of rearward rake for every 2 inches of lift above stock, compounded geometrically). Why did I choose Dobinson’s? I’ve spent a lot of time around 4WDs and I’ve seen a lot of different suspension setups. 5-3" lift and was pretty settled on OME until I started seeing Dobinsons recommended around here. I'm not advertising King Springs, merely using the company as an example (as this is the brand that I ended up purchasing due to their price and availability). This relationship between vehicle weight and suspension is where Old Man Emu gets its name - the emu is a large Australian flightless bird, when it runs, its powerful legs absorb most of the impact, allowing it to move over all types of terrain while its body remains virtually motionless. In fact he has tried, tested and sold that many of them he even runs them in his own truck. The shocks are also fully rebuildable, although given their new price I would question the economics vs a new set, and it’s not really a DIY job. I'm running 12 inch iron man foam cell pro, they are for 6 inch lift. Bullbars are a very Australian invention, born out of necessity to protect our vehicles from animal strikes, and are one of the first accessories most people think of fitting to a new 4WD. Ironman 4×4 offer a complete integrated range of suspension kits, designs which have evolved over 50 years of suspension experience. 2. Second did I get ripped off? Third whats a good set for next time without going into coilovers? Aug 29, 2017 · G'day guys! Just thought I would start a little thread about what I have done so far and what I'm planning to do in the future. kung medyo nagmamadali ka like what happened to my swb LC70 i did go to PA o f4x4ph Ironman. OME is too expensive and I have heard some horror stories from Dobinson's so keen to stay clear of those brands. Old Man Emu kit -20mm (have been quoted about $1300 + fitting locally - can't find quotes online. Previously I had a set of Dobinson Springs installed that were much the same as the Ironman units. Today’s 4x4 manufacturers make astonishingly competent vehicles. Note: King Springs are only one of many brands that now use X5K High Stress Steel. The best I have found is Ironman or Dobinson, What lift kit would be better the Ironman 40mm (nitro gas shocks ) or the Dobinson 30mm 125kg variable kit gas shock. Kings are a bit outside my budget however I have been looking at Amada extremes (heard great things about these), SRC shocks (bit pricier, have they fixed the issues with the seals popping out?), · Front – Dobinsons GVM Upgrade Springs with Ironman Foam Cell Pro Shocks, Superpro Upper Control Arms & Roadsafe Diffdrop Kit giving 3” Lift · Rear – Dobinson GVM Upgrade Springs with Ironman Foam Cell Pro Shocks & Firestone Coil Rite Airbags with High Pressure Sleeves giving 2” lift This Toyota TRD Hilux is one of 2000 ever made in the N70 variant. Designed, developed and tested in Australia by Dobinsons Spring & Suspension, in house suspension design engineers, Dobinsons 4×4 shock absorbers are designed and tested to perform in the harshest conditions right across the world. The foam cell shocks is R 14812 with the s/damper, without it is R 13320. They wanted them against his reccomendation. I've looked at bars from big players through to the likes of Ironman and MCC, and the one thing I get from all of them is they are all made in Thailand, the welds are of average quality and are all the same basic design (knock off from ARB เดิมทีร้านประจำที่ผมเอารถไปทำ ก็จะมี สปริง Dobinson โช้ค Ozy West Coast Ome vs dobinson At the moment, Ironman seems the best option. thanks for the info guys, although have any of you seen/used or heard of the Dobinson's New range of accessories? their bullbar which is an exact replica of the ironman protector is $160 cheaper than ironman. Cant wait. 1953), find all your, 4x2 and 4x4 suspension and 4x4 Accessory gear in one place, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension. I probably won't be getting a bullbar, so I was recommended the 350 at the front. It's Kratos vs. It seems people are fixated with reporting bad experiences, yet when we have a pleasant experience with a company or product nobody picks up the phone or sends a congratulatory email. I know they do well on a 100 serious Land Cruiser and a GQ Patrol fathers and brother in laws vehicles but they are heavy coil sprung live axle 4x4s. Both seemed to be highly reputable companies out of Australia so I was good with that. au. vitara dobinson vs iron man. Choosing a lift for your Toyota may be intimidating or confusing for some. We freight Australia wide. I had my search narrowed down to Dobinson's Suspension and the new to me Ironman 4x4. See this supercharged Hilux speeding up the sand dunes and tearing across the sand here in modified Episode Getting a set to lift Ford Ranger is more than influence it to look more sophisticated and more renegades. Shock Absorbers, springs, suspension/lift kits and more. But the only way you can truly experience Bilstein is to set off on your first journey and savour the feel of Bilstein products at the helm. Check out what we did in the tray of our Hilux 4WD specifically for touring around Australia, hopefully it gives you some ideas. I went 2"(ironman) then 3"(added spacers) now 4"(slee springs). But enthusiasts will always want to push the boundaries, go further, harder and faster, and suspension modification ranks high on the to-do list of the dedicated 4x4 enthusiast. Any opinions regarding the Dobinsons? It has the coils and shocks fitted, front and back. We have a HUGE range of steel and alloy bullbars including MCC bull bars, Xrox bull bars & ECB Bull Bars ! Sep 08, 2015 · LJ79 leaning to driver's side. Dobinsons Pro Series 4WD Kits: These are a quality affordable kit for normal 4WD use with raised springs and the M/T shocks. Pedder are good car springs as are Dobinson. In addition, the useful advantages that you can get with your kits Ford lift Ranger. God of War III- Poseidon Fight Beautiful God of War III artwork uploaded by IronMan - Key Art - Poseidon Hilux 4WD Storage Drawers, Fridge Slide and Work Bench. Ironman 4×4 LED Light Bars allow you to see further and draw less power. Feb 07, 2017 · I wanted to share my experience with the Dobinson's kit. Read more. Whether you use your 4×4 as a family vehicle or as an off road explorer, Ironman 4×4 has the products that will deliver the comfort and safety you demand. See our PRICES page for current pricing. Dobinson’s suspension have been getting some great traction in the 4×4 market and for good reason. May 06, 2012 · Hey all, I am looking at getting some new shocks for my coil cab gu and want the best possible ride. GVM Upgrades. Save Share. 2" lift Y61 ironman vs dobinsons. I do already have a new set  what you load it with, what you do with it eg extreme versus touring, whether I have tapered King coil springs up front, Dobinson leafs at rear and Koni OP also consider Ironman and outback armour (they do the defence  11 Jan 2017 For the more budget-conscious, the Ironman soft ride shocks may be your answer . Marketing illustration showcasing the epic boss battle at the beginning of the game. I dealt with their head office which is now in Dandenong in Vic. 20+ yrs experience in the 4x4 industry . He swears by the ironman foam pro shocks. of Hatfield, PA. I was talking to a retailer that sells multiple brands about the Ironman Foam cell pro setup and they seem quite good and he runs them in his trucks, with all products they have mixed reviews but this may be based Ironman 4X4 Suspension Kit Spring and Shock Absorber Selection. 3. Ironman 4x4’s product director, Adam Craze, reiterated that point: “We have them tested in Australia for the safety components and also out on the tracks to ensure they work the way we know they need to when in use. Dobinson 40mm lift (via Outdoor auto - they don't seem to offer their 50mm lift any more?). Yeah I've seen some CR-Vs with bumpers painted or the hard spare tire covers but those could have just been added at the factory. The M/T shocks are a large body (up to 66mm) monotube design, made to the same specifications as the MRRs. manufacturer of independent suspension components and vehicle body armor for Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota FJ, Toyota 4Runner The biggest comparison of Bullbars – Bull Bar Review. Ironman Vs Dobinson lift kits I am looking for the best Quality 2" lift kit under $1000. And Ironman 200kg constant load rear springs have 162-196 N/mm rate which is higher than even 400kg OME springs (the lift is 40mm vs 50mm again though). cant compare the stock coz wla na pressure yung shock ko nung nagpalit ako at sagging naman yung coils ko. Dobinson have been operating for over 60 years and has become one of the leaders in spring industry in Australia by applying years of knowledge into their products. Buy online with free Australia-wide delivery on most orders. Feb 13, 2013 · Not sure which bar/package to go with steel/alloy - ARB or Ironman or other. Buyers Guide: Portable Fridge-Freezers. But then I noticed that even the "performance" Ironman rear springs have spring rate of 137-166 N/mm which is higher than constant load OME (but the lift is 40mm). Apr 23, 2015 · Ironman also claim the threads provide a heatsink effect. I have been selling both brands extensively for years now, along with others I have tried along the way. Ltd: Ute Gear specialists. High Intensity Shot Peening - All . Suspension Dobinson Suspension Ironman 4×4 Firestone Ride-Rite Firestone Coil-Rite Air – Conditioning Licence No: AU21881 As a Licensed AC repairer we service all makes of automotive Air Con systems. Buy Dobinsons 3. Dobinsons offer the complete 2. Caloundra's exciting new tyre and 4x4 superstore. After lifting a truck, there’s a good chance suspension gremlins will materialize. Page or the iron man kit for 800 of ebay I am looking for 2-2. Another vote for Dobinson. Top brands including Ironman and EFS. Feb 19, 2017 · I have ironman and am just under GMV all the time and find it performs good all around ride and flex wise. When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best. Elements fridge freezer. As far as longevity and as far as how many warranties come back. 2006 gu patrol zd30di Suspension: 3” dobinson springs (near new) 4” Ironman foamcell pro shocks Psr panhards front and rear psr brake proportion valve Psr draglink and tierod Roadsafe hybrid radius arms Extended brake lines front and rear Road runner bump stops front and rear Engine: 3” exhaust with no muffler (will have muffler with it ขับ mu x อยู่ช่วงล่างถือว่าโอเคอยู่ระดับนึงนิ่มดีไม่ค่อยสะเทือนในทางที่ไม่ขรุขระมาก แต่ติดตรงถ้าวิ่งทางขรุขระมากๆหรือวิ่งเร็ว ก็จะ Lovells Coil Springs. I have not used them but it seems like the only other option besides RR Show Full Signature. 5 shock and ride great. Ive been looking at raw 4x4, ironman, dobinson, and a weird unheard brand called anarchy offroad. _____ Our long-term D-Max has left for Fraser Island with an EFS spring in its step. Learn more about Creatine uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Creatine Aluminised steel offers excellent weight vs. From dual shock mounts and steering stabilizers for control of larger tires to skidplates and traction bars, Pro Comp offers all the components you need. The ride is excellent (from the limited time I have spend driving the Fortuner). People will have different wants, needs and opinions but ultimately it is you who has to part with your hard earnt money to get what you want. I purchased the GTS Quick Ride kit (light front load) from Mainline Overland a few months ago and worked with Eric and Matt there. The standard MCC Jack rear tow bar has a steel step that also provides extra protection to the rear and side of the tub, in conjunction with side protection tubing. Uploaded by gbrought 1 Photo. This is why it is essential your 4×4 is equipped with the right suspension components. Specialising in car, suv, performance and 4x4 tyres with a full range of Ironman 4x4 suspension and off-road accessories. I ordered my 6 inch ironman shocks and 3 inch dobinson coils from him a while ago and he is fitting it all this monday. Feb 28, 2011 · Dobinsons Vs Suspension Stuff shocks for an 80 Series Well, both are very good. com ✓ FREE  See more of Dobinsons Springs and Suspensions Philippines on Facebook. ” Hi guys, I've been reading through the threads and cant find any info on Ironman Protector bullbars or the new Dobinson stainless deluxe bars, If anyone has pics or any info on these bars could you please share it as I'm after either one, just that the dobinson is $160 cheaper (fitted) although they seem exactly the same. E (Original Equipment) coil springs, they exceed original ratings by 10% - 50% (depending on the application), thus handling is dramatically improved and many ride height variations are available for most makes and models. It's not all in the work though, the time spent working with Superior to make sure we got the right set up was fantastic. 23 Aug 2007 OME vs IronMan vs TJM vs others What makes a OME coil spring different from a TJM, Iron man, or factory Nobody mention Dobinsons. Click Here MCC4x4 has cheap acular pf released a premium option for its most popular jack rear bar. Military Graded Hardware - 4WD vehicle Protection for modern vehicles including Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, Toyota Prado 150, Isuzu D-max and more. Dobinsons Coil and Leaf Springs. I hardly drove it with the standard tyres, as those were changed over within a few days of getting it, so I don't really have a baseline to compare to. High Quality Manufacturing; Supports All Suspension Kits EFS Suspension have a range of suspension solutions for your 4WD. While designed to withstand 365 days a year mounted on the back of a ute, the new 60 litre Elements fridge freezer is just as suitable in the back of a wagon, under a dual cab canopy, in the kitchen of the camper or on the deck of your boat. I was talking to a retailer that sells multiple brands about the Ironman Foam cell pro setup and they seem quite good and he runs them in his trucks, with all products they have mixed reviews but this may be based Apr 27, 2013 · Look at Dobinson Spring for a spring lift for the WK2's vs a spacer kit. This article takes a look at the benefits of installing a quality lift kit and the different suspension lift kits that are available to suit your Grand Vitara. MCC manufactures a several type of bars from premium "Falcon Bar", to the more functional order cheap lebact no prescription "Classic Bar", as well as tough Australian design "Rocker Bar". The new Dobinsons workshop/showroom in Adelaide seem happy to either fit Dobinson shocks or Bilstein (which is a good flexible approach from them). I've tried others over the yrs. Downloaded premium brands for the Ford Ranger lifts, for instance, Bilstein, Dobinson, EFS, Ironman, Tough pooch, Fox, Raw, and own special lift kit Dobinsons WK2 Suspension Lift Kit V6 or V8 Gas EngineLinear Rate Springs, Raised Height (40mm Lift) Up to 40kg Accessories (Bullbar) PN: C29-120 Linear Rate Springs, Raised Height (40mm Lift) 50-100kg Accessories (Bullbar, Winch) PN: C29-122 Front Struts Dobinsons WK2 Suspension Lift Kit V6 or V8 Gas EngineLinear Rate Springs, Raised Height (40mm Lift) Up to 40kg Accessories (Bullbar) PN: C29-120 Linear Rate Springs, Raised Height (40mm Lift) 50-100kg Accessories (Bullbar, Winch) PN: C29-122 Front Struts Coil-Rite Air Bag Kit Firestone’s Coil-Rite Kit provides fully adjustable support to your vehicle’s existing suspension. com offer a full range of bull bars, side steps, rails and rear bars for your 4WD. Re: Miller 180 VS Lincoln 180 What's your opinion hey jordy if you are buying new, maybe do a bit of research on hobart porducts as well. When the bank account is a bit happier I will go back and get new rear leafs with 2 inch lift installed and then the front can be wound up to match. This computerized dual-battery manager kit was developed in Switzerland. I've started to record fuel fills vs kms travelled, and calculated some litre/100km figures allowing for the 3. I imagine most people replace worn suspension with OME / Ironman etc, so they will always rave about it, but what is the real difference between standard new coils and shocks and these aftermarket option - I wonder? Experts in Springs & Suspension (est. Ironman 4×4 recognise that there is no single solution practical for the varying needs of 4×4 owners and different driving conditions, therefore Safari 4x4 Engineering 4x4 Safari Snorkel and Armax Performance Systems for 4WD Vehicles. Both have no or next to no warranties. Experts in Springs & Suspension (est. Specialising in car, suv, performance and 4x4. Was a bit stiff when unladen but 800Kg of tray and gear seems to have fixed that. JBA LLC. Space, space and more space! That's what you get with a Drawer System fitted to your vehicle. They 0 km; Other; Manual; 6 cyl ; This FJ40 would have to be one of the best examples left fully kited out with all near new accessories absolute beast of a 4x4 1976 FJ40 landcruiser soft top ( short wheelbase) V8 253 duel fuel (works on both ) in date Full custom paint in Camo ( very good job ) Twin exhaust BIG 33”cooper discovery stt wheels New dobinsons suspension Comes with 2 diffs one with 3 Vehicle suspension specialists Keep your vehicle’s suspension safe with repairs from Malaga Suspensions based in Perth. Most people end up with more lift than 2. Just want something that can provide us with a bit of protection from wildlife and pull the LC200 and 2. I have done the search thing and noticed that a number of you Deli owners have gone with a variety of different brands of shocks/springs/torsion bars - so I was wondering if you could tell me what you have gon Icon Vehicle Dynamics quality off-road suspension system components, lift kits, coil over shocks, uniball upper control arms, leaf springs, life-time warranty and guarantee of all manufactured parts, and personalized customer service and tech support for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Dodge, Chevy vehicles and more Hi all first post, Iv run EFS in 2 of my previous Hiluxes with not one ounce of truble, (both were 3 inch kits), I think alot of it comes down to what you want to achieve out of you Hilux (camping, massive flex ect) I just got a 2008 single cab and am going to run EFS elite with it been quoted $1400 to supply (2x Front struts, 2x Front coils 2x Rear leafs and 2x Rear shocks, im a mechanic so I Apr 27, 2013 · Look at Dobinson Spring for a spring lift for the WK2's vs a spacer kit. It’s like anything where choice is involved. The concrete is actually level even though it doesn't seem it in the photo. Only got time to fish for Ironman, the price is for 4x Shocks, 4 x L/Springs, the bushes & U-Bolts excl the steering damper is for the performance set = R 11320(with s/damper =R 12811. They were great in answering my questions and I had my kit 4 days after placing my order. It's also in the Lift Kit Buyers Guide but visit our site and check this link for you to get a summary. Free UPS ground shipping in contiguous US states only . Tough Dog Vs Dobinsons I just recently purchased a ironman set up formy d2 with foam cell shocks and constant load springs all round obviously yours will be a Overall I'd just do the plates personally. Whether you’re travelling on harsh Outback roads, using your vehicle for competition purposes or towing a camper trailer, the importance of a fully integrated 4×4 suspension system is paramount. Hey folks, someone educate me, I've looked at so many bars now that they all the look the same, it's little wonder the cheapest bar wins out in the end. last updated 21/02/2016. One of the first options we had fitted to the Landcruiser was the Lovells GVM Upgrade. manufacturer of independent suspension components and vehicle body armor for Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota FJ, Toyota 4Runner Bullbars. 00: Schrader Valve Assembly Jan 11, 2011 · I just paid 680 for the back and 770 for the front shocks on my r33. Designed, developed and tested entirely in-house by ARB’s team of Old Man Emu ride engineers, BP-51 shock absorbers are vehicle specific and utilise existing mounting locations to provide easy installation without the need for additional vehicle modification. First are there standard shocks any good?. Ridepro 4×4 Suspension systems have been designed and tested in Australia for the world. Our flagship ‘Elements’ fridge freezer is constructed of stainless steel and offers a fully weatherproof exterior. Words: Pat Williams Take a look at the best bullbars on the Australian market. Source: Page 33-34 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 The 4wd chosen for the test was the latest Toyota Hilux SR5 at the time (2010) as it was the most popular 4WD for a very long time. + fitting. Lovells Springs produce quality springs and coils for cars and four wheel drives for the enthusiast and the safety conscious motorist. R5k plus a 2yr warranty - sounds ok to me. This group buy offers custom valved Ironman Foamcell Pros for the Prado In addition the buy will also offer Dobinsons and King coil springs,  22 May 2017 Dobinson's suspension have been getting some great traction in the 4×4 Ironman 4×4 offer the Foam Cell Pro, the Foam Cell and Nitro Gas  Designed, developed and tested in Australia by Dobinsons Spring & Suspension, in house suspension design engineers, Dobinsons 4×4 shock absorbers are  2x Dobinsons Rear Load Tested Coil Srings(250Kg Constant Load Suit 2" 50mm Lift). I don't offer Ironman suspension, just trying to help. $950 + del. Old Man Emu is widely regarded as making the best suspension components in the world. Safari 4x4 Snorkels, Intercoolers, Turbochargers, Intercooled Turbo, Exhaust, Oil Cooler, Gearset and Clutches. Dobinson’s Spring and Suspension. 00: On sale: $2,250. No sunroof option, engine/trans were the same as long as the LX has RTAWD like mine does. Shipping Australia Wide & internationally King Springs. I've had a set of Lovell's HD (40-50mm lift) test springs installed. I started with a brand new Ford Ranger Lift Kits | Ford Ranger 4WD Suspension Australia . Good shock to look at. com. 5" really and I believe the dobinson are 40mm and ironman 35mm so Dobinson Springs & Suspension Review. But I tell you one thing G'day all I just purchased a 1996 super exceed 2. I would like to lift it by approx 2 inches and put some bigger wheels on at the same time. We use the best material and equipment to make our bullbars. Welcome to the New Triton online community, a web site with thousands of late model Triton enthusiasts who enjoy getting the most out of their vehicles, from your every day Triton 2wd traybacks to custom tourers and show vehicles. With the arrival of our new NextGen caravan fast approaching, it has become more apparent that we need to upgrade the OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacturer) suspension system under our BT50. We stock some of the biggest names including Dobinsons 4X4, Tough Dog, EFS, Bilstein and Fox lift kits. Aug 24, 2013 · Im currently looking at purchasing a 3 lift kit this week but there are so many brands out there. 14 Feb 2019 I want to do a 2. they are a bit cheaper than miller and dont have the stupid electronic read out and adjustments. Any opinions on Dobinson vs OME? The consensus seems to be Dobinson is Australia's leading off-road accessories supplier 4WD1. Brandon Libby / August 23rd, 2016. strength and durability when compared to lighter aluminium that just doesn’t have the raw strength to stand up to the hard knocks the underneath of a vehicle can suffer or the heavier Stainless steel that is more prone to fatigue cracks caused by embrittlement in the heat affected zone from the Previously I had a set of Dobinson Springs installed that were much the same as the Ironman units. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality products and personalised service. 4WD Suspension. How many times have you been on a trip and say to yourself, next time I have to be better organized, I'm sick of moving everything to get at something down the bottom! ToyTec Lifts specializes in Toyota suspension lift kits. 4WD Part Shop, Australia's number one Suzuki & 4WD Parts & Accessories online shop, has outlined in detail some of the issues one encounter when installing a lift kit in their Grand Vitara. Just wondering what brands are the better ones to look into. 20+ Stockists Australia Wide . They are ideal for use with leaf springs, coil springs or torsion bars. Do note that you have to place the proper coil springs to  25 May 2019 Ironman 4x4's Kristian Ristell added that the amount of damping is critical that can also be built into shock absorbers,” Ben Dobinson added. For enquiries, call your Perth's leading supplier of Suzuki Car Parts and Accessories- 4WD Part Shop. 1953), find all your 4x4 suspension and accessory gear in one place, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension. I’ve got Dobinson 2” lift and never a problem Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . Poseidon in all his craziness. Sometimes the show up right away, but others take time to grow. This state-of-the-art system uses a RISC micro-computer to either isolate or link multiple batteries as needed. Malaga Suspensions is a specialised installer and supplier of suspension components for all makes and models of cars and 4WDs. these are the cornerstones of our technology, and the reasons why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market. For our ‘Out of Area’ Customers we can drop you off at the Culburra Bowling & Rec Club, whilst you wait. Ironman 4×4 recognise that there is no single solution practical for the varying needs of 4×4 owners and different driving conditions, therefore offer a wide selection of matched components, once fitted will transform the vehicle around the drivers needs. They are the size of a 2. A good question Jason. On road or off the beaten track, Australia’s first choice for 4×4 Suspension and Accessories is Ironman 4×4. 5t van out of the mud if we need it. Had them replaced under warranty then blew the rears. Bilstein shock absorbers give a superior ride and dampen the effects of bumps and dips very effectively. We stock a bullbars to suit any 4x4, with great brands like AFN, Uneek, ARB, ECB, TJM, Rhino 4x4, Smartbar, and many more. 13 Yukon Regear17x12 dissent offroad specializes in armor for the 100 series land cruiser, 200 series land cruiser, lx470, 3rd gen Tacoma and gx470 platform, we plan to branch out into other platforms in the future and welcome custom jobs. Many of the Ford Rangers you see going tough mudder off-roading can’t go that hard without a reliable lift. I did the same, had the new fronts installed with Dobinson springs, then 2 weeks later was happy with the Ironman Foamcell Pro front, so I got the rears and installed them myself. Providing suspension for the ride of your life. Any feedback / stories of your experiences with the above greatly appreciated. Play Who is Old Man Emu? The Old Man Emu brand has its roots firmly planted in off road racing and draws its name from the emu’s ability to maintain great stability when moving over uneven terrain at high speeds. Irons ride way better absorb alot better and don't seem to get the crazy body roll, I ran 60 mph down a wash board road no problem. When you want to get the most out of your suspension, Pro Comp’s full line of accessories will get you there. Therefore maintaining ride height and correct weight distribution essential for […] Old Man Emu 100 Series Land Cruiser Heavy Duty Suspension Kit fits the following vehicle(s): 1998-2007 Toyota 100 Land Cruiser; 1998-2007 Lexus LX470 IBS-DBS Dual Battery System with Microprocessor. So i took it upon myself to email ironman with my concerns and the shocks and springs then to 2 companies Dobinsons and Ironman. Pedders Suspension Shock Absorbers (Car Accessory): 2 out of 5 stars from 38 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview. IronMan 45mm - $809 AUD delivered + fitting. Dobinson vs Ironman suspension. Only city driving so far but heading to the Centre on the weekend - up the Oodnadatta and back across the Simpson - so will have a better sense of what they are like after that. Your Price: $2,600. And lets face it. The only reason that I went the Ironman route is it gave me more lift and upgraded the load capabilities by 250kg 80mm in front and 50mm in the rear. Whether you’re carrying tools of the trade or packing up the 4×4 for a year long trip, your vehicle can become dangerous and illegal if it breaches the allocated gross vehicle mass (GVM). 21-06-2016, 08:01 PM Go to post English (US) Jun 02, 2018 · Dobinsons Lift Kit, Terra Grapplers & Level 8 Wheels Dobinsons Lift Kit Options for the 5th Gen 4Runner and a few other mods - A follow-up on the $3K Build I recently sent an email asking the Get outdoors with Ironman 4x4. Re: Bilstein vs Tough Dog vs Dobinson Agree with Leachy. Buy Ford Ranger lift kits at AutoCraze. (Ironman) Or braced chassis and Airbags inflated to The all new Bilstein 6112 Coilovers are here!! Total Automotive Performance was the first to get these and is now offering them to T4R members at an introductory price! Product Highlights: Large 60mm monotube for increased oil capacity, cooling, and long-term durability; Offers 0-2. Log In ✔️Dobinsons 40mm lift kit on new Triton with Ironman add a leaf spring As a result of their quality products, Dobinsons reputation has spread across the globe Some of the accessories produced by Ironman 4x4 are listed below:. 6% under read of km traveled due to the larger tyre diameter. 5" leveling suspension system for the 1990 to 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series, for trucks without an aftermarket bumper or winch on the front (light load), and standard medium load in the rear (no drawers, rear bumper, etc, up to 100KGS). 5” of adjustable lift depending on the application I am quite interested to Dobinson but the lack of readily available stock from a supplier is the cons. We freight most orders within 24 hrs to anywhere in Australian designed & engineered four wheel drive suspension & rated recovery gear for enthusiasts, fleet & defence We recommend and sell some of the very best brands of 4WD Suspension Products and 4x4 Lift Kits available in Australia, based around our core values – Quality, Durability, Comfort, Improved Response, Visit Ultimate 4WD Equipment for bull bars with uncompromising structural integrity. Ozrax Pty. Too much caster is of course better than not enough. Feb 18, 2015 · Also buying an Ironman it is not much extra to get a 12,000lb winch and I always say bigger is better. Paul at Westcost 4x4 really recommends it (he would of course, he does sell them ) but I know John Reader of Trailmasters has an Ironman kit on his 80 and that gets used fairly hard! However, Julian @ Overland Cruisers is very critical of Ironman gear, viewing it very much as budget replacement equipment and not up to the job of overland travel. Our engineering team has brought you the new features aimed at making remote area travel safer, stronger and appealing feature to suit your life style. Had old man emu Ls. On the world's fastest racetracks, on the street, on the toughest outback terrain there is. Check out our full range of OME suspension components and lift kits. Breaking news & live sports coverage including results, video, audio and analysis on Football, F1, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Golf, Tennis and all the main world sports, plus major events For Sale: Nissan Patrol Super Safari 201080,000 KMDobinson 6” Lift Coils and ShocksTough Dog RTCCustom armor by MonsterworxFront Side and Rear Rails by MonsterworxRear Steel bumper with Swing out ladder and tire carrier by MonsterworxIronman Steel Bumper with Bullbar custom by MonsterworxTop load by MonsterworxIronman Awning tentSR Hijack liftSafari SnorkelNADS complete5. Since 1924 Jenkins Springs, now trading as West Coast Suspension, have been providing springs, shock absorbers and associated suspension components to Australian and International 4X4 suspension markets. Welcome to Pure FJ Cruiser! At Pure FJ Cruiser, you will find the largest selection of FJ Cruiser parts and accessories on the web. Celebrating 21 years of manufacturing tubular aluminium ute accessories. Find one of our many worldwide distributors and re-sellers near you and get your hands on some of our quality TJM products. I've been running Slee caster plates since roughly the 3" move. Project D-Max has done its first trip to Fraser Island, sporting a new EFS suspension kit thanks to the crew at Carrolls Suspension. linear springs i most applications would be one or the other. Over 11,000 4x4 Products Online . Outback Armour/Opposite Lock/Terrain Tamer/Ironman etc are either too expensive or I just haven't heard enough about them to seriously consider them as options. Dobinsons Twin Tube Gas Shock Absorbers. Lovells Coil Springs are designed as a superior performance replacement part for mass-produced O. Trying to figure how you’re going to pack all your stuff for touring and camping? A good option are storage drawer systems. There are so many options out there, His is white and we all had the same cloth interior. May 06, 2016 · I have been looking around to find out is foam cell shocks going to be to ruff on a ipfs ute. There are no shortcuts along the way. Aug 08, 2016 · Update – Lovells GVM Upgrade for Landcruiser 200 Series With the Lovells GVM Upgrade fitted, the rear of the Cruiser sits nice and high. 0" Lift Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1990-97 Heavy Load Front and Medium Load Rear: Body Lift Kits - Amazon. A SFA and a IFA has the same rear suspension setup to start with the Camil duese not have the travel that the Ironman has. Had 2 sets of Toughdog adjustables on my 98 Prado along with Toughdog coils - killed one set shocks in under 30,000km during trip to Cape York. My other option on the shocks might be the new Dobinson Monoshock (without the reservoir). 8 diesel and want to improve the suspension. Ironman standby their products and are great to deal with. Stock vs Ironman kit In this photo the drivers side has been installed with ironman strut and spring, passenger side stock. With a lift, the suspension geometry has been SUSPENSION ACCESSORIES. Based in Colorado, ToyTec Lifts designs and manufactures high quality Toyota lift kit parts and accessories for your Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Tundra, 4Runner, Sequoia, Lexus, and Toyota trucks. 6am early birds Great start to Wednesday morning. FARURI FULL LED JW SPEAKER 8700 EVOLUTION 2 CROM - JEEP WRANGLER JK FARURI FULL LED PENTRU JEEP WRANGLER JK tehnologie led mult mai puternice decat cele origina. I've used EFS , OME and Dobinson on previous vehicles and all have been good although the OME were pretty harsh on my old 83 hilux. Australia’s terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world. The Ridepro range features complete lift kits, heavy duty options and accessories to suit Leaf Sprung, Front Axle. State of the art, high intensity CREE LEDs for maximum possible light[…] Angus and the team at Superior have been nothing short of exceptional! The quality of work is the BEST in the business. 5" eventually. This Kit comes with the New Sport Struts & Sport Shocks. Replaced these with OME before selling the truck. OZRAX HOME Updated 04/10/2017. The coilovers also feature a rubber rather than metal spring seat cushion, again for NVH purposes. The Ironman 4x4 won me over as I liked on paper and the vendor YouTube videos I could find what the Foam Cell Pro's offered. ” I just bought a used Fortuner that has a Dobinson suspension fitted. . the ironman 230 also comes with 15 foot torch wich is very nice and handy. Toyota Lift Kits & Parts Free Shipping on Most Old Man Emu Kits. I wanted to share my experience with the Dobinson's kit. Not looking to do big off-road other than things like Gibb River and Oodnatatta Track. 5" really and I believe the dobinson are 40mm and ironman 35mm so Ev’s Patrol gains some altitude after installing Dobinsons suspension with their latest remote reservoir shocks. bt50 suspension vs Mazda. With the dark and cold mornings/nights your motivation might be challenged. Mar 08, 2019 · Dobinsons 4x4 Roll Out Awning 8FT x 9. 8FT Large Size, Includes Brackets and Hardware When it comes to awnings there are a few brands that are well known throughout the overlanding community. Jun 01, 2018 · We have been thinking about getting a GVM and GCM Upgrade for our BT50 for quite awhile now. Fridge freezers are by far one of the most welcomed additions to any overlanding kit. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service around. 'Anatomy' Part 1? Watch here to see the exactly what makes Tough Dog Foam Cell Shocks so tough. Collapse. We manufacture top quality practical and stylish Tubular Aluminium Ute Accessories. As for progessive vs. As stated above a suspension system can be tuned to your particular requirements and away from that will be a compromise. I just went out and looked right now and nothing. manufacturer of independent suspension components and vehicle body armor for Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota FJ, Toyota 4Runner JBA LLC. Not sure if this will help, but here's a few pics i took ages ago. Want the best quality bullbar for your 4x4? Phone us on (07) 3203 2155. ironman vs dobinson